A great company culture is the glue that ties everything together

It’s the very fabric of your organization.
It drives everything you do.
Imagine a place where people work in harmony, look out for each other, and proactively think about risk.

This could be your organization

What allows some people to stay safe and avoid accidents whilst others seem prone to injury?

And why do some companies have lots of accidents whilst others have none?

This highly participative workshop explores the Five Truths of the Safety Savvy – the five things that everyone needs to know, think and do in order to stay safe – at work, at home, and in life.

Fast-paced, dynamic and highly interactive this workshop is perfect for groups from shift teams, departments and across the organization and will leave participants clear on what they need to do to go home safely today, tomorrow and every day.

Our standard Safety Savvy workshop runs for half a day and is the catalyst to supercharge awareness, boost safety consciousness and inspire new energy to driving safety culture change across your organization.  That’s just 3.5 hours to significantly change your organization’s culture and how your people think about safety.

We run special sessions for a full day.  And if you’re really savvy, we’ll share our exclusive Train-the-Trainer program and full materials to enable your people to deliver our programs to your workforce.

Like the book, our Safety Savvy workshops focus on the five things you need to know to stay alive longer in a dangerous and uncertain world: 

  1. The feeling of luck – How to reduce reliance on luck and stay safe all day, every day
  2. Seeing the unseen – road risk and pedestrian safety
  3. Risky business – individual, social and organizational factors that affect safety
  4. Live love, laugh, give – the four keys to amazing wellbeing
  5. All about you – personal commitment to being Safety Savvy

All of our programs are built on 3 principles:

  • Real pride – folks at work want to feel part of something meaningful
  • Kick ass clarity – so we strip out the bulls***t to engage them
  • Power to the people –encourage, empower and enable your people to think and do different

With everyone on board there’s no stopping you. Let’s get it on

 “The Safety Savvy program is lots of fun and the basic truths jolt your mind back to the reality of everyday safety hazards. Very high impact!”
Deon, construction industry

“We’ve rolled the Safety Savvy workshop out to more than 4,000 employees now and have been amazed with how quickly our safety culture has changed for the good. It’s not about rules and procedures, but helping our people really understand how to think about risk at work. A game-changer for us.”
Valerie S, Department Manager, FMCG industry

“The roll out of the Safety Savvy Train-The-Trainer course to our staff meant they were very well equipped to rise to the challenge of delivering Safety Savvy to nearly 3,000 colleagues across over 300 sites.  The course really brought them together as a team and after only 12 weeks they'd successfully delivered 75 courses, encouraging in excess of 1,100 colleagues to look after their own safety and wellbeing, and feeling confident to 'Say Something' if they see areas for improvement.”
Andy Taylor, H&S Director, Cemex

Safety Savvy has given us a new perspective on safety and it's a key success in building a good safety culture. You've given us good tools that guide us well on our journey to be Safety Savvy.  Thank you!”  
Simon, EHS Manager, Mandalay Resources

Safety Savvy strips back all the technical complication and mystery and shows us what we really need to know to be safe, all day, every day.  It's a brilliant program that got me really thinking about not just my safety, but also my health and wellbeing too!”
Markus, Engineer, Mining Industry