The book

What you need to know to stay alive longer in a dangerous and uncertain world

Attitude is the difference between an accident and excellent performance

Whether your company makes soda or steelwork, builds houses or websites, generates power or customer satisfaction, drills teeth or oil, there is no place for doubt and hesitation.

Risk is all-encompassing. Behaviour needs to be quick, decisive, and right every time. Otherwise people just don’t go home the same way. Or, at all.

Packing a punch despite weighing in at a lean 100 pages, Safety Savvy sets out how to survive modern life in a dangerous and uncertain world, no matter where you work.

Rocky Balboa, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Don Corleone the Godfather, Nelson Mandela, and even Homer Simpson unlock the five keys to being Safety Savvy in this high-impact, instantly accessible little book.

Written in an easy conversational style you’ll be done in less than an hour and thinking differently about the safety of yourself and others – at work, home and beyond.

A flipping belter of a book. If more people thought and spoke about safety like this we’d eliminate workplace accidents right around the world. Full marks!

Packs a lot of interesting facts and entertaining stories into a pocket-sized publication. An enjoyable and thought-provoking book

An excellent read that jolts your mind back to the reality of risk. Even the most astute reader will learn a thing or two from this book, which offers a pragmatic perspective