This ain’t no safety book*

You’ll have gathered by now it’s a bit different.

And people LOVE it

 “Safety Savvy is fast-paced and exciting. It relates to real life and breaks down the barriers of safety being perceived to damage performance. For us it’s brought safety into our daily consciousness and it means we can speak about it as a genuine business enabler, just like reliability, quality and performance.”
Stuart, Formula One racing team

“Safety Savvy – there’s no B.S. – it’s clear and to the point. We need to be ‘savvy’ and look out for ourselves and each other, always. And this book shows us how.”
Peter, Mining industry

“…a pocket-sized paperback, just 93 pages, packed full of stats, stories and anecdotes that will really get you thinking.  For people that still think health and safety is about clipboards and checking fire extinguishers, show them this and disprove the perception. I bet they will even pause to read a few pages.”
Health & Safety at Work magazine

“Safety Savvy puts safety across in a way that ditches the boredom, apathy and disinterest that safety as a topic normally gets. It’s a breath of fresh air – brilliant!”
Chris, Production Technician, Automotive industry

“This book takes famous movie quotes and cleverly relates them to situations in society which have an impact on health and safety, giving it a really broad appeal. Fits snugly inside your back pocket – ideal to pull out when sitting on the bus, waiting for a train or just relaxing down the pub. In fact, it’s written in a style that feels like the authors are chatting to you over a pint, asking you, the reader, the questions, making it highly thought-provoking.”
SHP magazine

“Simply brilliant! Buy copies for all of your team.”
Graham Redpath, Project Direction, PowerObjects

* it’s a heck of a good lesson in living life to the max!

A flipping belter of a book. If more people thought and spoke about safety like this we’d eliminate workplace accidents right around the world. Full marks!

Packs a lot of interesting facts and entertaining stories into a pocket-sized publication. An enjoyable and thought-provoking book

An excellent read that jolts your mind back to the reality of risk. Even the most astute reader will learn a thing or two from this book, which offers a pragmatic perspective