Tim Marsh

In 1994, Tim was thinking about why people behave as they do. That research formed the basis of much of the modern science of Behaviour Based Safety. He’s still thinking and challenging the status quo.

Andrew Sharman

At about the same time, Andrew was a young engineer accidentally tipping a bucket of acid over himself. Nearly 25 years later he’s a global thought-leader in safety and dives with Great White Sharks for fun.

Together Tim and Andrew take everything they’ve learned and distil it into the five truths of the Safety Savvy to set you on the fast-track to:

  • Understand the most important principles in life
  • Learn why we do so many risky things
  • Consider your personal safety from a new – much easier – perspective
  • Pick up a bunch of tools and techniques that will make you, your family, and colleagues much more Safety Savvy than you are right now

A flipping belter of a book. If more people thought and spoke about safety like this we’d eliminate workplace accidents right around the world. Full marks!

Packs a lot of interesting facts and entertaining stories into a pocket-sized publication. An enjoyable and thought-provoking book

An excellent read that jolts your mind back to the reality of risk. Even the most astute reader will learn a thing or two from this book, which offers a pragmatic perspective